Rider Education Program


Motorcycle Training

Serving East Tennesseee
with Training Sites in Knoxville and Morristown

Whether you're just starting out,
or have been riding for some time,
there's a RiderCourse® for you.

Traffic-safety experts widely acknowledge the Motorcycle Safety Foundation's RiderCourse® as the best introduction to motorcycling anywhere in the world. If you're a beginning rider, the Basic RiderCourse® (BRC) will put you on the road to safety, right from the start. Even if you're a veteran rider, the Experienced RiderCourse® (ERC) will fine-tune your skills. Over one million motorcyclists have graduated from a RiderCourse®. Shouldn't you? Here are just some of the benefits:

Greater Confidence
One RiderCourse® graduate summed it up very well: "It is scary to imagine going on the road without having participated in a RiderCourse®."

Improved Skills
Here's a comment from another graduate: "I have become more defensive and observant, not only while riding a motorcycle but also when driving an automobile." And another: "I am certain that without the training I received just 24 hours prior to the near-collision, I might not be alive."

Licensing-Test Waivers
Tennessee will waive the knowledge and the ability skills test if you have successfully completed a RiderCourse®.

Insurance Discounts
Successful completion of a RiderCourse® entitles the student to a 10% discount on liability insurance.


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